By Kieran Webber

Leon In The Wild is a bright eyed newcomer. His debut single ‘Fade’ caught the attention of the blogosphere whilst amassing thousands of listens on Spotify.

Now he returns with the summery new single ‘You Can Leave A Mess In Here’. It’s a rambling, coming of age single that dances in the indie-dream pop genre. Soft vocals awash over the listener like a California breeze whilst subtle guitars and synths dominate the backdrop.

Lyrically we tackle the anxieties of moving home, crafting your own space in this strange world we call home.

Speaking on the track he explains that “This is my first step into the wild as myself. My first shot at making something that’s just me. It’s really vulnerable to do something like this, but it’s also been so empowering and encouraging.” He continues, “I’ve met so many amazing people through this process who have offered so much support and help. And as a solo project, I feel like i’m finally able to embrace the things that make me who I am and express that through my music. I’m just starting out, but I’m excited to continue to grow as a musician in this wild world and share more.” 

Listen/ watch ‘You Can Leave A Mess In Here’ here:

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