By Kieran Webber

This was our first year at Leopallooza, the Cornish festival that boasts itself being “The greatest house party… In a field”. They’re not joking either, that was a wild experience that I will not be forgetting anytime soon!

We will be dropping a full review of the festival ASAP but in the meantime have a look at 5 bands that blew us away across this fantastic festival.


IDLES Leopallooza
IDLES by Kieran Webber

It’s hard to say in words just how impressive this band are but I am going to try anyways. IDLES have been a very important band to me for the past year or so, since wrapping my ears around ‘Brutalism’ I have been hooked. Their music resonates with me on a deeply personal level and it carries the same raw, explosive energy as bands such as Thee Oh Sees. They’re a true force to be reckoned with and their set at Leopallooza was proof of this. The burning passion and exuberant energy this band harness is of godly magnitude. Although riotous in nature their music carries such compassion and this is felt from the band too, at one point they bring random members of the audience to the stage to play their instruments. The band members dance and frolic on stage, really sharing a moment with those lucky few, it was beautiful.

Once again I was left floored by the unity of audience and band, both love one other equally and the chaotic energy that flows through this band left my mouth wide open. I have said it before and I will say it again IDLES are the best and most important band in the UK right now and their Leopallooza set was evidence of that.

Bad Nerves

Bad Nerves Leopallooza
Bad Nerves By Kieran Webber

Having the early evening slot at a festival can be a tough one, most people are looking for food, wandering around and slugging down beers. However, the raucous that Bad Nerves caused would of made even the most distracted person take note. Bad Nerves carry a similar sound to bands like The Strokes but with added reverb. It’s fast paced, balls to the wall reverb driven punk music that is overflowing with liveliness. They came out rocking and had me dazzled by their raw sound and lively stage presence.


PINS Leopallooza
PINS by Harvey Williams-Fairley

Closing the MONO tent off on Friday was a band that first caught my attention opening up for Maximo Park in Falmouth. However, their lineup had changed since then, for Leopallooza they were donning a twin drummer set up which lead to a much larger and diverse sound from the band. It’s music that seeps through you and brings out your coolest, most confident and badass version of yourself. It was a whirlwind of a set that had me hooked from beginning to end, from the slow, percussion driven ‘Too Little To Late’ to the hip swinging, lip biting closer ‘Trouble’.


Moriaty by Harvey Williams-Fairley

A band that has been on the lips of many people local to the South-West but admittedly one that I hadn’t crossed paths with before. I was unsure what to expect from them but I knew it would be a pretty funky-riff driven, blues infused experience, which it certainly was!

What went down in the MONO tent was arguably one of the wildest, sweatiest experiences of the festival. A wave of hair, beer and sweat drenched the tent as Moriaty entertained the ever eager crowd. There seemed to be no respite from the ferocious duo who kept giving with every song. Huge riffs and heavy percussion was what was on the menu and a perfect platter of that was delivered. I walked away content with a new discovery and a live set that will be in my memory for years to come.

Demob Happy

Demob Happy Leopallooza
Demob Happy by Kieran Webber

Demob Happy have become notorious for creating infectious, riff focused rock and roll that is guaranteed to get you dancing. Their set at Leopallooza truly delivered the goods with a belting show that was filled to the brim with hip swinging riffs and poignant lyrics, all delivered through the diverse vocals of Matthew Marcantonio. After seeing them live my faith in rock music has been restored, they are one of many bands still flying the flag high and bringing real music to the for-front. They are true rock ‘n’ roll incarnate and it was a real pleasure to watch them tear up the second stage.



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