By Kieran Webber

Leopold And His Fiction have been bellowing out their classic rock/blues punk infused sound since 2005. The Austin, Texas based band exude cool, creating a sound you can’t help but strut like Mick Jagger to.

Their latest single ‘It’s How I Feel’ is a pouting rock track, backed by anarchic energy. A groovy bassline waltzes the track forward whilst a flurry of guitars rain down on the listener. Bracing vocals float through with thunderous confidence. It’s an invigorating listen that is full of life.

Speaking on the track and accompanying visuals frontman and guitarist Daniel Leopold explains, “self realisation, the importance of finding comfort in ones own skin regardless of outside influence. The importance and availability to change. Taking your own opinions so seriously, and finding humour in the things that at times are endlessly frustrating and daunting. Puppets.”

Listen/watch ‘It’s How I Feel’ here:

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