By Connor Matthews

Belfast-based psychedelic-rockers Les Pantalons new track ‘Picnic With God’ is full to the brim with grunge and blues influences, with a chorus that demands your attention, being impossible to not nod along with once it kicks in.

The guitar tone sounds full of gravel, really bringing to the forefront that grunge influence – with the riff itself sounding like something Nirvana could have wrote.

Vocalist & drummer Aarón McCallion’s eerie dreamlike vocals float across the band as it builds to a hypnotising crescendo, before slowly fading out with a very Led Zeppelin inspired fuzzed up guitar-solo.

‘Picnic With God’s only downfall is that the song feels just a little too short, like Les Pantalons don’t have the time to show off their full capabilities in that running time. However, it does feel like these guys have something to show, and they’re a group to keep a keen eye on.

Listen to ‘Picnic With God’ here:


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