Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Fat Possum Records

‘A Color of the Sky’ is album number three from five-piece Lightning Bug. Having released their previous two albums as a three-piece, they’ve now swollen in ranks and brought aboard Dane Hagen on drums and Vincent Puleo on drums as permanent members. When you press play on ‘A Color of the Sky’, the first thing you notice is its minimalist nature in sound. Rather than the extra members making things overwhelming, it helps to broaden the sound a little and make the sound just that little fuller.

The first thing you notice is Audrey Kang’s beautiful vocals. It almost sounds like Karen Carpenter fronting a shoegaze band on tracks such as ‘The Right Thing Is Hard To Do’. In parts Cocteau Twins and parts Bears Den, Lightning Bug have created something of a country shoegaze sound and it soothes you like a blanket. Tracks such as ‘Song of the Bell’ and ‘I Lie Awake’ allow themselves to be grand, broad-sounding songs. To compliment these and allow space to breathe, songs like ‘Reprise’ and ‘A Color Of The Sky’ are withheld and minimal with production with the warmth of being recorded on a reel to reel.

‘A Colour of the Sky’ is a beautiful record that can be enjoyed as a record or in its individual parts. Once you allow the album’s warm embrace to surround you, you’re rewarded with a stunning experience.

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