By Bobby McCarty

Dave (AKA Santan Dave) is one of the hottest rising talents here in the UK at the moment, no question. So far in his career he has brought a style and character that is largely unprecedented, setting the bar high and amassing millions of views on his tracks on youtube in the process.

His track ‘Wanna Know’ was picked up by none other than Drake and released as a reworked version which heavily featured the Canadian superstar, slingshotting Dave‘s music into a new market and pushing his appeal to the huge untapped audiences across the pond.  ‘No words’ is taken from his latest second and latest EP and is typical of the production value we have come to expect so far, yet despite a consistent stream of singles in between we are yet to be hit with an album by the young up and comer. Keep an ear out for this one.

Listen to ‘No words’ here: