By Kieran Webber

Novah have returned with their stunning new single ‘Revolution’. After releasing the internationally well-received ‘Robot’ last year Novah immediately starting focusing their minds on a debut EP.

Despite having access to a variety of studios in Stockholm they headed to the island of Yxlan where they set up their own home studio. This allowed them the isolation needed to engrave a greater sense of atmosphere into their songs.

The band had no clear idea to as how the record would sound but they had a specific conviction of the direction they wanted to pursue and that was to try out their own form of Local Natives, M83 & The Verve inspired indie.

Speaking on ‘Revolution’ the group said  “The chorus was initially recorded as a demo in 2014, with only guitars and vocals. We discovered it during the summer of 2015 and completed the song. It was a breaking point for us in the process of writing the new material, as it set the whole identity of the EP.”

‘Revolution’ is a slowly driven indie track that explodes into an epic open arms experience with its soft vocals catchy songwriting it will leave you wanting more.

Listen here: