By Ross Jones

‘Make It On Your Own’ is the enthusiastic new single from Ontario natives Of Gentlemen & Cowards – four guys from Canada who have trailed lifes ups and downs of being in a group and have thrown those events into progressively making their new record ‘Modern Jukebox’. Out next year, the single is the first teaser of what to expect from their new record – which on display here is a release full of optimism and growth.

In the bands own words the song has taken on greater meaning in the context of writing and finding themselves as a group, and that is in full display here through the groups passionate delivery. ‘Make It On Your Own’ is a straight-laced pop hit, full of bright melodies, impactful chords and honest delivery that is enhanced by the bands emotionally evoking sentiment and smooth harmonies. Simon Edwards finds honesty and openness is the best policy – not only does he offer out simple life advice for those that want to listen, but in some respects for himself to ponder over, something to look back on if stuck in a rut and in need of a comforting reawakening.

Of Gentlemen & Cowards have a strong case to make in the context of pop’s lack of frankness – something that gives them an extra element to their genial progressions. ‘Modern Jukebox’ is released 27th January via Maisonneuve Music – listen to ‘Make It On Your Own’ below.

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