Listen | Pacal Pinon – Orange

By Kieran Webber

After recently announcing their new album, Icelandic sisters Jófríõur Ákadóttir & Ásthildur, AKA Pascal Pinon are sharing another slice of their minimal take on folk with new track ‘Orange‘ from their forthcoming record ‘Sundur‘ that is due Aug 26th via Morr Music.

‘Orange’ continues the sisters emotive songwriting backed by minimalist clinks from the piano, their music has a way of really grabbing your heartstrings and pulling you into their world, it is beautiful.

Speaking about the new track, one half of Pascal Pinon, Jófríõur, went on to explain the thoughts behind ‘Orange’ when she said: “One of the challenges Ásthildur and I put in front of ourselves when making this album was writing songs for only piano and voice. Coming from a classical background we had our own idea of what that ‘usually’ sounds like and we also had our own ideas of how to make it better. 

Listen here:

Album artwork & tracklist


1. Jósa & Lotta
2. 53 (mp3)
3. Forest
4. Skammdegi
5. Fuglar
6. Spider Light
7. Orange
8. Twax
9. Babies
10. Ást
11. Weeks