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Aminta Skye returns with striking sophomore single ‘Canyon’ following on from her 2021 debut release

The L.A based artist Aminta Skye has returned with her sophomore single ‘Canyon’, following her 2021 debut ‘Ring Around the Sun’. Building on her debut single ‘Canyon’ delivers a more fiery and energetic element, boasting a more guitar driven experience with experimental elements, yet her powerful vocals are still the driving force behind the music.

Throughout ‘Canyon’ Aminta’s deep and heartfelt songwriting shines bright, putting her ahead many of her peers. Exploring many themes that are wholly relatable, mostly the feeling of betrayal and the pain that comes with it. Sweeping through vengeance and frustration it’s a cathartic listen and essential for the heartbroken in the world. It’s masterful writing that creates a song that is gut-wrenchingly beautiful.

Sonically ‘Canyon’ starts soft and subtle and builds as time goes on, gaining momentum as Aminta’s emotions tossle and toil until they boil over. It’s an intoxicating listen that is daringly captivating, bringing the listener into her world for but a moment. The music sounds somewhat muted with the percussion really taking a back step, giving the limelight to dominating vocals.

Speaking on the track Aminta Skye explains: “‘Canyon’ is a tale about losing love, losing your way, and wanting to eat your ex’s heart out so they can’t give it to anyone else.”

Listen to ‘Canyon’ here: