Photography by Holly De Looze

Issy Packer

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Bristol art-punk foursome Belishas are back with their newest single, ahead of the release of their debut EP which drops later this year

Following the release of their previous single, ‘The Crash’, Operator‘ kicks off with the band’s signature guitar sound. Unlike their previous release, the track feels more restrained, allowing lead singer Ewan Ferguson to take the reins with his sardonic lyrics and monotonous vocals.

However, this leads you into a false sense of security as the track gets more hectic, with the last 30 seconds welcoming aggrieved guitar riffs and a swirl of synth-like sound giving the track a frenetic energy;

The track proves how interesting the quartet are, subverting generic ideals of how a track fades out while mixing several different sounds and genres to create a heady and feverish end.

Watch/Listen to ‘Operator‘ here:

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