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Cintia Vincze
Cintia Vincze

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Exciting new British alt-pop artist, Bexx, drops her new single, ‘Stupid’, part of an upcoming EP featuring anti-love-songs based off of her own queer dating life

bexx is a London-based artist on a mission to break stereotypes, encourage people to be their own authentic selves and to accept who they are. bexx’s style is known to be experimental. In the past two years, she has explored styles to find themselves, but 2023 is bexx’s year; she has perfected her electric, euphoric alt-pop style, ready to dominate your heartbreak emotions.

If you’ve had a past relationship that makes you furious when thinking about them or just need a heartbreak song to scream sing the words to, ‘Stupid’ is for you. Everyone experiences dating turmoils; this song offers a cathartic moment in the midst of the current horrible world of dating.

‘Stupid’, is an upbeat song full of bouncy melodies, colourful synths and an energetic beat that makes you want to jump around your room. The lyrics are as relatable as your own thoughts, making it a track that will top your list of repeatable angsty songs.

bexx has taken inspiration from her own queer dating experiences and often explores mental health and body image in both her older material and this new track.

Listen to ‘Stupid’ here:

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