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Billy Nomates shares ‘Vertigo’ the latest slice taken from her sophomore album ‘CACTI’

Genre-defying extraordinaire Billy Nomates has released another single, and also the last ahead of sophomore record ‘CACTI’. It comes in the form of ‘Vertigo’, a groove-heavy cut with immaculate production and instrumentation. These new singles, especially ‘Vertigo’, feel brighter than the debut record which shielded itself with darker production and new wave aesthetics. Instead of repeating a method and sound that works, Billy Nomates is pushing herself further than ever before sonically with her gleaming and accomplished new music.

‘Vertigo’ kicks off with a thudding groove, with smatterings of percussion and the occasional noisy synth inflection. Tor Maries’ vocals are powerful and soulful throughout the track, her vocal timbre teeming with passion, rawness and reality. The track remains predominately the same; the chorus, however, introduces a tasteful guitar riff and almost Motown-esque backing vocals and harmonies. Her ability for obliterating genre boundaries was first seen as soon as Billy Nomates was created, and this new single is no different. ‘vertigo’ is a bizarre yet brilliant concoction of a plethora of sounds, including post-punk, synth-pop and indie – among other things heard with every sonic decision. 

‘CACTI’ is shaping up to be a step in the right direction from her debut record. ‘Vertigo’ bursts with character and energy, staying reserved in a carefully curated fashion. With her razor-sharp songwriting and production, Billy Nomates has truly cemented herself as one of the most exciting acts in recent years, and rightly so. 

Listen to ‘Vertigo’ here:

Catch Billy Nomates at the following:

14/3/23 – Grand Mix, Lille, France
15/3/23 – Petit Bain, Paris, France
16/3/23 – L’astrolabe, Orleans, France
17/3/23 – Rockschool Barbey, Bordeaux, France
20/3/23 – El Sol, Madrid, Spain
22/3/23 – La Nau, Barcelona, Spain
24/3/23 – Le Périscope, Lyon, France
25/3/23 – Covo Club, Bologna, Italy
27/3/23 – Magnolia, Milan, Italy
28/3/23 – Bogen F, Zurich, Switzerland
29/3/23 – Milla, Munich, Germany
31/3/23 Badehaus, Berlin, Germany
1/4/23 – Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark
2/4/23 – Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
4/4/23 – Blueshell, Cologne, Germany
5/4/23 – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, Netherlands
6/4/23 – Botanique Orangerie, Brussels, Belgium
17/4/23 – Tramshed, Cardiff
19/4/23 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
20/4/23 – New Century Hall, Manchester
21/4/23 – Stylus, Leeds
22/4/23 – St Lukes, Glasgow
24/4/23 – Boiler Shop, Newcastle
25/4/23 – Institute 1, Birmingham
27/4/23 – Kentish Town Forum, London
28/4/23 – Chalk, Brighton
29/4/23 – Marble Factory, Bristol