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London Alt-Folk Newcomers Bojockey Share Stunning Debut Single ‘My My’

London based Bojockey have astonishingly only been around for a year, which is hard to comprehend when listening to their debut single ‘My My’. The six minute track is a masterful creation that boasts the bands clear natural ability to craft heartfelt alternative folk. Truly, It is shocking to know that music this in depth, this beautiful can be created by a band that was formed in 2022.

The track opens softly with the subtle crashing of a symbol that slowly develops into an eerie guitar sound, backed by the floating synths. This gentle rising of sounds brings the listener to the earthy vocals and plucks of the emotively driven acoustic guitar. Vocals take precedent throughout, with new elements being added as the track adds the layers, it’s constantly building. This layering creates for an interesting and alluring listen, with each moment passing growing to be more interesting than the last. At the tracks core and arguably the strength is the heartwarming (if not gut wrenching) songwriting, it feels as if the words heal you. Bojockey shine a light on the positivity in the world, showing you hope, proving that there is always light throughout the darkness. In simple terms, ‘My My’ is a beautiful track.

Speaking on ‘My My’ Samuel Williams explains: “‘My My’ is about grief, and the things we do to aid or disguise it.” He continues, “From being the priest in the harbour, false optimism – to dancing to the hits and trying to forget. The reality of the situation will always be there for you to face and accept, as life forces you to move on.”

As debuts releases go Bojockey have just set the bar incredibly high. Watching this band grow throughout 2023 is going to be an exciting watch.

Listen to ‘My My’ here:

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