By Laura Turnbull

CLARA-NOVA’s luminous, echo-soaked new single ‘Free‘ is a lesson in leaving the bullshit behind. It begins like any great road-trip anthem should: on a long stretch of highway, light surfing over the sunroof, the city disappearing in the rearview and probably a ton of missed calls on the phone that you just threw out the window. See ya, “I’m good and I’m gone.

CLARA-NOVA is the musical project of French-American artist Sydney Wayser. Now spending her time making tunes in the bleached mirage of Los Angeles, it’s easy to imagine miles of sparkly shoreline under Wayser’s vocals. While the guitar riffs in ‘Free‘ growl like a dirt truck stuck in a dusty hole, Wayser’s voice floats to cloudless heights. It’s a contrast that CLARA-NOVA pulls off with ease – hitch a lift with this songwriter and you’re in for a super smooth ride.  

Free‘ shares the same deep, daydreamy restlessness that sighs out of much of Lana Del Rey’s swampy brand of pop, but CLARA-NOVA shrugs off the darker side of that sound. These lines are weightless. ‘Free‘ is full of a no-strings kind of relief, not regret. Wayser’s eyes are on the horizon, and there’ll be no glancing back.

Listen to ‘Free‘ here: