Photography by Charlie Barclay Harris

Liverpool indie band Courting return with ‘Flex’: a charming, energetic and addictive indie pop song

Courting are one of the most exciting guitar bands on the scene right now. With the release of last year’s debut ‘Guitar Music’, the band proved themselves to be inventive, hilarious and impressive. Each track flipped the idea of guitar music on its head, playing with experimental effects, auto-tune and fantastic indie rock songwriting.

Now, with Flex‘, their first release since the album, Courting condense everything that makes them so special into one track. Frontman Sean describes the track: “Flex is designed to be a theatrical performance, a short play. Our protagonist is wealthy, successful, and famous… but at what cost?”

This storytelling is brilliant; it’s funny, tongue-in-cheek, but never grating. “Now that I’m a popstar I’ve been smoking all the time… If you need a bad bitch I can try”, the protagonist sings, filled with equal parts cockiness and nervousness. Murphy O’Neill’s vocals are better than ever here and easily translate his live energy into the studio.

Instrumentally, the track is so much fun. Bouncing drums propel the track, while poppy guitar riffs keep the energy at its highest. Inserted throughout are moments of brass, very much imperfect but charmingly so. They really add a depth and character to Courting’s sound which I hope they explore further in their next project. The conclusion is emotional, heavy and nostalgic.

Watch/Listen to ‘Flex’ here:

For Fans Of: Jeff Rosenstock, The Libertines

Catch Courting at the following:

Truck Festival – 22nd July
Tramlines Festival – 23rd July
Kendall Calling – 28th July
Y Not Festival – 30th July
Haldern Pop Festival – 4th August
Dorks Day Out, Signature Brewery – 5th August
110 Above Day Out – 11th August
Victorious Festival – 27th August
SMG Music Festival, Belgium – 8th September