Photography by Charlie Barclay Harris

Clara Bullock

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Liverpool four-piece Courting have released new single ‘Throw‘, taken from their new album New Last Name, out on 26th January

Throw‘ sets the tone for the record, frontman Sean Murphy O’Neill says. “There’s a lot going on. It can be simply enjoyed as an album, but there are characters, acts, stage directions etc. The listeners can decide on the narrative themselves, but we want them to get lost in it.”

Throw‘ is the first act in this play and serves as a tone setter for the record and also a prelude to a narrative flashback. In it, the protagonist returns to ‘the city’, and remembers, misremembers, and forgets just about everything that has happened beforehand. 

Along with the single, the band have released a video, mixing footage of them playing the song live with a narrative, sometimes in black and white and sometimes in colour. The visual chaos of the video perfectly matches the energy of the song, which mixes pop-punk vocals with heavier guitars, singalong parts and parts that are less accessible. Overall, a track full of energy, and one to look forward to seeing live when they hit the road for their 2024 tour.

Watch/Listen to ‘Throw’ here:

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