Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Bridie Florence Cummings 

We have a rule,” Demob Happy declared earlier this week on the release of their newest single ‘Autoportrait‘, “if no part of a song is daring or strange enough to make us laugh real out loud laughs, then there isn’t enough joy in it to share.” Real LOLs only, folks, them’s the rules. It’s a shredder-worthy sentiment this grinning three-piece are preachin’ to the very last howling guitar lick in ‘Autoportrait‘. 

The noisy mob’s latest single begins with a few bars of revving drum and riff rounds before launching full throttle into the gnarling garage rock we’ve come to love ’em for. Get your headbanger’s holiday right here, this is the Wayne’s World effect in action. Demob Happy‘s guitar riffs have more teeth than Jaws, snarly in the extreme and ready to take chunks out of your easy-listening playlist. 

Give ‘Autoportrait‘ a listen:

It gives me just a little heart tug to know that Newcastle-bred Demob Happy hail from my hometown and with roots in the city that pretty much begat the work-hard-play-hard ethic, it’s no wonder this bunch know how to bring the energy. The band kicked off 2019 with smash single ‘Less Is More‘ and now ‘Autoportrait‘ is hitting our listening holes with more furiously good hype. Plus did we mention this trio has tour dates with Royal Blood and Band of Skulls across Europe and North America this year!? There‚Äôs no stopping Demob Happy.

Find all the details about tour dates on the band’s website.

ps. Demob Happy do stuff here too: