Willow Shields
Willow Shields

Music Journalist and Photographer based in South London.

Drug Store Romeos’ new release ‘Jim Let’s Play’ is yet another flawless addition to their repertoire. Released a month ago to the day, the song has had time to worm itself into my thoughts, listening to it almost daily. DSR are a three piece from fleet whose music speaks to your soul and takes you on space adventures to all the band’s favourite spots among the stars.

With their debut single ‘Now Your Moving’ sending shock waves through the scene in late 2019, they’ve continued to amaze everyone and nestle themselves in a special place in everyone hearts who have had the pleasure of hearing them. ‘Jim Lets Play is the newest addition to their now 4 singles available on the airwaves. It’s a playful, upbeat and ethereal track that inspires creativity and makes you want to be on the DSR space ship. The track displays the bands more upbeat element to their sound, which goes perfect to the imagery of the song with lead singer Sarah speaking of “Technicolor dream”s and other such things of beauty. 

Drug Store Romeos have harnessed the perfect amount of synth, soft vocals and pure vibes to make them one of the most promising bands on the circuit. They exhibit a different part of their sound with every single release and once you get the Drug Store Romeos fever it wont leave you in a hurry. The band have recently announced a socially distanced tour where they will be hitting all the usual spots Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and London

Listen To ‘Jim Lets Play‘ here:

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