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The new single from Dylan James sees mental health, unique lyricism, and stunning levels of production wrapped up into one track

Soon after men’s mental health awareness week and the conversation around mental health is still as prevalent as ever. This is where Dylan James comes into play. The London based singer-songwriter is back again with something listeners who have suffered with mental health issues will fall in love with.

Dylan James is simply an artist to admire. Being bold and releasing a track like ‘I’m NOT Superman’ helps give men a safe space to talk about their feelings and make their voices heard when it matters most. With beautiful lyricism, wonderful vocals and high-quality production to remember, this is by far one of James’ best tracks.

It provides a glimpse into his world while also making us understand how songwriting can be the best form of therapy for some. This new offering is simply beautiful.

On the track, Dylan says: “I’m Not Superman‘ is now one of the best tracks I perform live and where my songwriting journey started… The lyrics came from a place where I felt pressure to be like a modern day superhero and just saying ‘Yes, I can do that’ but underneath the skin I knew I couldn’t.’

‘I wore a mask for years hiding behind the fear of failure but I got to the stage where I didn’t care anymore what people thought.”

Listen to ‘I’m NOT Superman’ here: