Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Album Artwork via PR Prescription

Earlier this year electronic wizard Holly Herndon released album ‘PROTO‘ to five-star praise. It features Herndon‘s A.I creation Spawn, a computer baby that sings in its own data-dense language, and it turns out those techy vocal chords sound great. We rate robot chat. So when we heard Elvis Depressedly‘s auto-tuned croons on ‘Jane, Don’t You Know Me?‘ we got pretty excited, and this songwriter’s cyborg-folk certainly doesn’t disappoint. 

Elvis Depressedly is the musical alias of North Carolina based Mathew Lee Cothran. Pitchfork coined Cothran’s lo-fi bedroom music “a utopian sort of indie-pop,” but it’s actually kind of tricky to pin down Elvis Depressedly‘s oddball indie sound. ‘Jane, Don’t You Know Me?‘ is like listening to The Magnetic Fields through an intercom. It’s a sad cowboy song stuck inside a Nintendo theme tune. Elvis Depressedly writes up a secret recipe for tinkering with electronics in this new single, turning buzzy computer talk into something disarmingly beautiful under his own soft, homespun tongue. 

Is that the crackly voice of The King on your answerphone? Listen to ‘Jane, Don’t You Know Me?‘:

Jane, Don’t You Know Me?‘ is a little taster of Elvis Depressedly‘s third studio album ‘Depressedelica‘, due for release on the 4th October via Run For Cover Records. ‘Depressedelica‘ will be the musician’s first new album in four years, and we’re certain it will be worth the wait. “It felt like I was saying goodbye to an era of my life,” Cothran explains, describing the process of writing the new album, “I wanted to pay homage to the songs that got me through.” ‘Jane, Don’t You Know Me?‘ has given Cothran a chance to return that favour. For those times when you want to auto-tune your feelings into oblivion, Elvis Depressedly is right at your bedside. Here are some bear-hug sounds to ease you over the bad times.

Feel sad? Here’s Elvis Depressedly with a pug. Thanks Better Yet.

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