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New York artist Faerie returns with mellow new single ‘Champagne Tears’, taken from her forthcoming EP

Faerie yet again stuns with her music. After wrapping our ears around her previous single ‘K-town’ we were very eager to get a second helping, today Faerie provides. Her latest single ‘Champagne Tears’ continues her mellowed out sound, heartfelt songwriting, and stunning vocals, bringing us a tear to our eye, yet joy to our hearts.

‘Champagne Tears’ opens with a beautiful brass section, soft percussion, and subtle guitar, this is then neatly tied together with Faerie‘s sugary sweet vocals. It’s indie-pop at its very best and is a perfect listen for someone looking to escape the trials and tribulations of modern life. For a moment, Faerie allows us to be wrapped up in her warm embrace, giving us even just a few minutes of calm. It’s a delightfully endearing ability that she holds as an artists and one that constantly makes her music outwardly wholesome.

‘Champagne Tears’ is the last installment to be taken from her forthcoming EP and it a short but sweet offering. If anything, it has us even more excited to hear more from this rising star.

Listen to ‘Champagne Tears’ here:

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