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Avant-pop duo Faux Real get ‘Faux Maux’ with new single and self-directed official music video

Los Angeles-based Franco-American brothers Virgile and Elliott Arndt, a.k.a Faux Real, unveil their new single, Faux Maux, a reflection on staying home to miss the party. The track is joined by a self-directed official music video.

The song’s themes of isolation and social anxiety echo the key message of reliance on technology in the 21st Century, using the phone as the key motif, especially seen in the chorus (“Call me up / I’ll turn you down”). Even though the tune was initially created before COVID, the lyrics speak to the hardships of having to stay inside constantly, finding new ways to entertain ourselves without the use of technology. 

The song bursts with plastic-sounding jingles, mirrored with the bright colours of the music video. Unpredictable melodies and beat changes are paralleled with costume changes and differing set designs, and creeping synth with smooth vocals pair to create a catchy alt-pop gem. Exploring their new sound, Faux Real favour ultra-digital software instruments, creating an electrically charged tune married with equally electric choreographed moves.

With the release of ‘Faux Maux‘ – as well as hints at a long-awaited debut album in 2024 – Faux Real continue to use artistic choreography and boundary bending melodies to ensure exhilaration and glee flows throughout their songs.

Watch/Listen to ‘Faux Maux’ here:

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