Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Courtesy of FEET

Fuck love songs, it’s about time someone wrote a record about aliens. The Milky Way is where it’s at and we’d rather get inside a spaceship than get soppy, so we’re chuffed that FEET are using their wacky garage rock to remedy the outcry for more extraterrestrial tunes. Heroes. 

Last month the Coventry-based band released ‘Outer Rim’, a little teaser from their debut album ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’ which is due for release in October via Clapped Records. At some point you’re going to find out what goes in sausages, and thanks to FEET that reality-check ain’t too far away. But first, satisfy your earholes with ‘Outer Rim’. The band’s very own “punky-boi”, the track takes its lyrical inspiration, apparently, from “seeing a shooting star whilst at summer retreat”. Lovely stuff. The power chords and punk roars fit perfectly. 

To accompany the release of ‘Outer Rim’, this clever bunch of noise-makers wrote and directed a music video. Featuring more wardrobe changes than a Miss America contest and boasting a plot line that was probably written by Agatha Christie on LSD, the freaky film is more than a little mind-bending. Dream visions post eating a shitload of cheese vibes. Yum.

Lend ya eyes, open ya ears:

No wonder they call it crease-pop. Want more of these strange musical shenanigans? ‘Course ya do.

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