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George Ward

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Bristol/Manchester duo Getdown Services drop a groovy, hilarious and anti-capitalist new single ‘Cream Of The Crop’

‘Cream Of The Crop’ is described as a “satirical broadside against conspicuous consumption” but don’t let that put you off. It’s a seriously fun track that pokes fun at the silly consumerist lifestyle we live. Within the first twenty seconds, it’s also a diss track towards Cabot Circus which I wholeheartedly support.

What makes this track so exciting is its mix of sounds and influences. The deadpan spoken vocals could be taken from a Streets or Sleaford Mods track while the instrumental is as funky as any disco cut. 

Plinky-plonky synths carry the track, forcing you to bob your head along. The beat is simple but effective, skipping along with the rhythmic playfulness of LCD Soundsystem. While the instrumental does not change up too much, it serves its purpose perfectly and gives the track its essential character. 

The lyrics are equally entertaining. The track sounds like a half-hearted rant against the ridiculousness of fashion, consumerism and general city life. Each time you listen, you’ll find another hilariously relatable line.

In the band’s words, “it’s about that sinking feeling you get when you’re going for a pint after work and the place that’s suggested is full of people with tiny yellow beanie hats on. It’s about how crap Brewdog is.”

Listen to ‘Cream Of The Crop’ here: