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Bristol/Manchester duo Getdown Services counter the struggles of today’s capitalist society through the medium of hard rock and proto-punk

With a 15 date UK/EU headline tour later this month, Getdown Services’ release of the final teaser to their album ‘Crisps’ is already a fan-favourite, sporting a deep electric beat paired with a shouty social commentary on the evil of corporations.

The repetitive beats and lyrics of ‘Evil on Tap’ mirror the repetitiveness and routine of everyday life, especially for those working long hours with little to no reward. It speaks to contemporary UK culture, referencing the taste of copper in the tea, and investing in tokens for toilets, with “dissatisfaction piling up to the ceiling”. 

Vocalist Ben Sadler explains that “I wrote this song when I was in a particularly dissatisfied place … I tend to turn on drinking or reality tv or material goods or whatever as a distraction which obviously ends up making things worse.” Whilst the song embodies the hardships of living in a capitalist society, Sadler also states that “… there is comfort in repetition and routine, and finding a nice middle ground with anything is important.”

As evident within the rest of the debut album, the duo aims to cast an important statement across to their audience, allowing them to relate or become enlightened to the picture they paint through their somewhat comedic lyrics. “The world has evil on tap but learning to stem the flow and bend it, much like an avatar, is the key to becoming the master of the elements.”

Their debut album showcases Getdown Services’ talent for interlinking astute yet comedic social commentary within a groovy and catchy beat, as with Evil on Tap’. ‘Crisps’ is their most definitive statement so far.

Debut album ‘Crisps’ is out on 9th November via Breakfast Records.

Listen to ‘Evil On Tap’ here:

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