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Gold Fever return with hotly anticipated second single, ‘DB Cooper’

Bristol trio Gold Fever have returned with their sophomore single, following Que Sera’, the heavy, arena-rock ready cut appearing in the spring of 2022. Since then, Gold Fever have slowly dipped their toes into the live circuit, playing a small handful of excellent shows. The band also appeared on our 2023 Ballyhoo list, purely off the back of one single and a couple of shows, and now Gold Fever have finally given us more. 

This new single comes in the shape of ‘DB Cooper‘, which trades the heavy riffage of Que Sera for more and more intricate parts and a chorus oozing with pop sensibility. It retains the dance-music edge that their debut saw, elevating the sound with serpentine guitar parts and elegant synthesiser motifs. Frontman Oscar JD Sault’s delivery is almost breathless, his poetic lyricism giving the verses a machine-gun feel; there’s no shortage of things to say here. His cadence vocally is frantic at times, keeping a compelling, quickfire tone before the dives into almost-yells: ‘Write my words on the walls of the Louvre’. 

Following up a single as strong as Que Sera is no easy feat, but this Bristol trio have certainly raised the bar for themselves once again. ‘DB Cooper‘ is a masterclass in songwriting, with the track also boasting a perfect balance of heavy riffs, dance-ready drums and razor-sharp hooks. As we predicted on our Ballyhoo list, there’s no way Gold Fever won’t have a thrilling year, especially with the release of tracks of the calibre of ‘DB Cooper’.  

Listen to ‘DB Cooper’ here: