Photography by Stephanie Simcox

Issy Packer

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Australian alt-dance trio Haiku Hands have shared their newest single, ‘Cool For You‘, their latest preview of their new album ‘Pleasure Beast

The track is a thumping, electronic take on 90s dance bands such as ‘XTRMNTR‘-era Primal Scream, The Chemical Brothers, and The Prodigy. It is an exciting and interesting track, the techno bassline rippling underneath the single as the trio’s distorted vocals take the song to back to the 90s.

The most interesting part of the song is around 2 and a half minutes in when you think it might be over. The band take the techno and warped sounds previously heard and elenogate and twist them, adding an extra layer to the already multi-faceted track.

There is a sense of freedom to the track, in the lyrics which focus on being yourself, and in the melody which surges and falls, undulating, making you want to dance like nobody is watching.

Watch/Listen to ‘Cool For You’:

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