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London Singer/Songwriter Sam Hong drops emotional single with his new EP ‘Inside My Mind’

Behind the artist Hongza stands singer songwriter Sam Hong who grew up in North London. Being raised in a Vietnamese household, his pursuit of music was frowned upon but, as this new single demonstrates, this hasn’t stopped him. 

‘I’m Fine, I’m Alright’ stands as track five on his six song EP, ‘Inside My Mind’. This anthem plays around with the narrative of having a good night out with your mates before true adulthood finally sets in. “It’s only half past 9, I can barely see the lights”. 

The lyrics are strong, relatable, and easily engraved into the mind with “You keep me up all night” being sung continually. The heavy-set drums align into the indie vibe and the guitar riff has a rhythmic quality of its own. 

Hongza’s debut EP ‘Gen Z’ was supported by Apple Music Beats 1, Live Nation’s Ones to Watch and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock. He is looking to start a festival for people similar to himself, using his TikTok platform with 39k followers to get the word out there. 

EP ‘Inside My Mind’ is out now.

Listen to ‘I’m Fine, I’m Alright’ here:

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