Photography by Katie Allen

Issy Packer

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London-based collective KEG have dropped their newest singe ‘Quip Quash‘ ahead of their UK headline tour this October/November

The single release sees their first drop of new music since their EP, ‘Girders‘, last year. Coming in at just over 2 minutes, the song is short, snappy and fizzing with their signature sound.

Led by heavy guitar sounds before lead vocalist Albert makes an appearance, the track is insanely catchy with the wonky pulsing guitar sounds creating a manic energy. With a long intro and outro, the band allow the quirky and disjointed melody to take the forefront: a smart move since the melody is what makes the track so addictive.

Of the track, the band said: “Centred around the insecurities of writing music surrounded by your ever better, more handsome and intelligent peers.”

With witty and self-reflective lyrics, the frenzied refrain feels like a sort of catharsis as the band juggle with feelings of insecurity and mediocrity.

But this track is definitely not mediocore.

Listen to ‘Quip Quash‘ here:

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