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Naomi Smith

Journalism student at Falmouth university who spends most of her time with headphones on trying to find new music.

From busking on the streets of York to releasing their new single and EP, King No-One have come a long way

King No-One start their UK and EU tour on the 23rd of February. Following their recently acclaimed singles, they continue to grow bolder as they prepare to show us their post-punk vibe as a fully fleshed band. 

Their new single ‘Forever Young’ offers something vastly different, having been in the works for nearly four years before it was produced into this gothy, hard hitting lyrical tune. 

The laugh at the beginning of the song sets the tone, like it’s amused at the whole premise of getting older, juxtaposed with the sadly relatable lyrics: “My youth is on the run”. With the repetitive lyrics it feels like it’s trying to prove that growing older isn’t all that bad. 

King No-One has put in the hard work, and you can hear that in this single. From humble beginnings busking on the streets of York due to lack of financial backing to recording music and now touring, King No-One are on an impressive trajectory.

EP ‘The Dead Hotel’ is out now.

Listen to ‘Forever Young’ here: