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King Nun chronicle 20-something angst in a turbulent ride through broken hearts in their single ‘Sinking Feeling

King Nun’s latest single ‘Sinking Feeling’ is a raw and unapologetic dive into the turbulent waters of love. As part of their newly released album ‘Lamb,’ the track stands as a powerful testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity.

‘Lamb’ as a whole delves into the universal journey of vulnerability and staying true to oneself in a world riddled with societal expectations. ‘Sinking Feeling’ is a standout example, illustrating how unrequited love can lead us astray from our intended paths, reminding us that it’s okay to veer off course.

Nostalgia runs deep in this track, echoing the indie rock sounds that resonated with young 20-year-olds growing up. King Nun, however, masterfully infuses their identity into the genre, resulting in an instant wave of nostalgia and resonance.

The quartet’s high-energy performance is infectious from start to finish, creating a beautifully paradoxical blend of up-tempo instrumentals with downcast lyrics. The song’s emotional journey, narrated by Theo Polyzoides throughout and post-breakup, explodes with various sentiments, mirroring the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany a loving yet fractured relationship.

‘Sinking Feeling’ navigates the treacherous waters of unrequited love, portraying the bittersweet reality that love often leads to heartbreak. The non-chronological storytelling approach adds depth, emphasising that the beauty of love often lies in its capacity to cause pain.

With heavy riffs in the choruses and a fearless exploration of the turmoil that comes with growing up and discovering love, King Nun’s ‘Sinking Feeling’ is a poignant anthem for those grappling with the complexities of modern relationships and self-discovery.

Lambis out now via Marshall Records.

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