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Bristol’s elusive noise collective Knives finally releases their debut single: the short, jarring ‘Newshounds’

Bristol noise collective Knives have finally unleashed their debut single, the reward for the armada of cult fans who have followed this group throughout their most elusive moments. 

This new single comes in the shape of ‘Newshounds’, a sub-two-minute jarring whirlwind. Dissonant guitars grate the speakers, bolstered by crushing drums and bass and layers of cacophonic sound. Despite its short runtime, ‘Newshounds’ still packs a punch, the track morphing into more and more atonal noise as it chugs along.

Adding cowbell to a noise cut is often not heard, but it is done here – and works brilliantly. Frontman Jay Schottlander’s vocals are energetic and aggressive but always retain a high level of charisma. The almost tongue-in-cheek delivery is a sharp juxtaposition to the jagged instrumentation: a unique formula but one that is executed expertly. 

Knives are a band that set a high bar for themselves; months of relentless gigging and a cagey social media presence has created a high precedent for this debut single, a release they could not afford to fumble. But this collective has done quite the opposite. ‘Newshounds’ is an aggressive, in-your-face explosion, boasting some truly unique timbres and textures.

As their debut release, it has set an impressive foundation for things to come and has truly solidified their place as one of the most exciting acts in the Bristol scene. 

Watch/Listen to ‘Newshounds’ here:

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