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Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

I am a Journalism student based on the north coast of Cornwall. Having grown up a stones throw from Boardmasters , I have always been immersed in live music. When I’m not listening to my embarrassingly vast vinyl collection you’ll probably find me surfing at my local.

Following on from their debut EP, indie band Lovejoy drop the versatile and passionate new single ‘Call Me What You Like’

Since debuting their first EP ‘Are You Alright?’ in May of 2021, British indie band Lovejoy quickly made a name for themselves in the musical sphere as “the fastest rising young band”. Now, in 2023, the band are not only venturing “across the pond” to bless the ears of their incredibly dedicated American fanbase; but have also released their new single ‘Call Me What You Like’

The video follows frontman Wilbur on a plane musing over the turbulence of the beginning stages of pursuing a potential love interest and not quite knowing where you stand. “It’s about the phase in any kind of relationship that isn’t a relationship yet… that idea that you want it to be more than just a fling but you’re struggling with the commitment” comments Wilbur. 

The track is introduced by a pulsey guitar riff accompanied by an unpredictable drumbeat that really harnesses the dysregulation of Soot’s mental state. The lyrics begin and we wade through those all-too-relatable feelings of second-guessing: “I never was infinitely intimate, she never felt that safe in her own head.” Soot’s lyrical execution takes us to that place with him and it’s hard not to be invested in his melancholy. 

We meet a slow-tempo despair in the bridge with lyrics: “I like to think that I’m the only guy she’ll see tonight” before the single explodes into its breaking point chorus. Obsession becomes rage in the shape of heavy bass while Soot’s voice is an emotional powerhouse, switching from his typically indie rasp to something almost heavy metal in lyrics: “know you can’t stay awake forever”.

This incredible diversity makes not just the track, but the band as a whole so insanely addictive. Lovejoy have the power to take over your emotions. 

The new single is out now via Anvil Cat Records.

Watch/Listen to ‘Call Me What You Like’ here:

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