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Australian based indie singer-songwriter drops stunning second single ‘Pluviophile Song’

The Melbourne based artist Michelle Limanjae has only released two singles so far but is already showing her peers just what she’s capable of. Her debut single ‘Hey Dear Heidi’ is a slacker-indie-pop track that is remiscent of Haley Heynderickx or Mac Demarco. This mellowed out sound continues with her latest release ‘Pluviophile Song’, a warm, soft, yet energetic release.

‘Pluviophile Song’ kicks off with an array of jangly guitars that guide the listener to the cosy vocals of Michelle. This continues as the track ebbs and flows creating a sense of calm with moments of energetic bursts, it’s a delightful listen. It boasts Michelle’s ability to craft music that is dulcet yet ear catching. There’s an array of sweet-sounding guitars that overlay throughout, giving something new for the listener with each spin.

We’re only two singles deep into Michelle Limanjae‘s musical career and there’s plenty of space to continue to grow, expand, and impress. As each single passes we’re given further insight into her songwriting ability and passion for her own music.

Speaking on ‘Pluviophile Song’ Michelle explains: “This song is simply about myself as a pluviophile how I find the joy and peacefulness on rainy days. I’m expressing my enjoyment through a fun, heavy & playful music arrangement in this song.”

Listen/watch ‘Pluviophile Song’ here:

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