Todd Keller
Todd Keller

Australia’s Moonwood Share Stunning Indie Anthem ‘Sydney Lights’

The Australian-based band Moonwood created their new single inspired by the city they currently inhabit, Sydney. The five piece composed of American, Australian, and Canadian natives wrote Sydney Lights as a love letter to the circumstances of our time. Bound by their surroundings they have discovered a new appreciation for a sense of place and how they fit in it.

‘Sydney Lights’ begins by floating in a wave of warbling guitar and keys, on-air filled with expectation. The mix immediately sets a choral mood of flickering light filtered through fields of grass late in the day. Drifting into vocals that have a closeness and the presence of well-performed pop, the track reflects off instrumental walls washing across a chorus that defines the intention of the song: A private letter between one person to another, emotionally jotting down the high points of their love affair.

The song builds to a pedestal of sound that culminates on the last chorus reiterating its evolving narrative. The piece is orchestrated in a way to involve you deeply in the song, leaving any fans of infectious airy pop wanting more.

Listen to ‘Sydney Lights’ here:

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