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mui zyu releases final single ‘Talk To Death’ from their debut album, ‘Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century’ , out now

Lizzie Wesbroom
Lizzie Wesbroom

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I got the chance to interview Eva Liu and she really stood out to me as an artist who plucks various aspects of her life and concocts them together to create beautiful music, so I was so excited to get into ‘Talk to Death’, her final single preview she dropped before her debut album, out now.

With the eerie yet enticing beginning, you get a sense that you’re getting lured into her techno-angelic maze of a mind. Liu previously talked about how video games influence her sound, and this track certainly feels like a neon-gothic escapism land; picture the lonely traveler, the wandering warrior, I am picturing graphics from the game Stray personally!

Eva says that ” ‘Talk to Death’ is a moment of catharsis – the death of a putrid relationship. It’s about pawning mouldy gifts for new beginnings and playing with ideas of the mundane vs the extraordinary.”     

This track shows listeners that Mui Zyu is not only incredibly talented when it comes to lyricism, but she also has a taste for sound immersion and uses her sound as a clever tonal playground. Listen closely to the key change towards the end of the track with the line “evil eats the holy” as she vocally changes the key, leaving a cacophony of notes that perfectly sum up the themes of the single; it is uncomfortable to talk to Death.

Mui Zyu truly has an excellent mind and her scope for storytelling through music takes you to another dimension whilst simultaneously encouraging introspective thought and self-submersion. I highly recommend her new album to those who love to sit and ponder the universe because Mui Zyu has created the perfect soundtrack for your minds.

Debut album ‘Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century’ is out now via Father/Daughter Records.

Watch/Listen to ‘Talk To Death’ here: