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Experimental rock four-piece, My Octopus Mind explores connections with identity through groovy new single, ‘Moving Slow’

The new release comes from the Bristol-based band’s third studio album, set to be released later this year. 

Having thrilled at live shows, ‘Moving Slow’ lyrically deals with singer and guitarist Liam O’Connell’s exploration of the feelings that arise when navigating self-expression. It tackles the judgment from others and self-doubt that often rears its head as he tries to feel comfortable in his own skin. 

Recorded with Jake Bright at Giant Wafter Studios, the single features heavy jagged riffs and highly textured soundscapes that are punctuated with My Octopus Mind’s distinct, haunting vocals. 

Alongside the single, the accompanying music video was released featuring lead singer Liam embracing his femininity under the watchful gaze of villainous onlookers who threaten and attack him. The video is enriched with natural landscapes and imagery beautifully captured by Cameron Thaws and directed by Francis Beaumier.

Watch/Listen to ‘Moving Slow’ here: