Tavie Carey
Tavie Carey

I am a Journalism student based on the north coast of Cornwall. Having grown up a stones throw from Boardmasters , I have always been immersed in live music. When I’m not listening to my embarrassingly vast vinyl collection you’ll probably find me surfing at my local.

Aussie Indie rock quartet Pacific Avenue kick off 2023 with a bang, releasing the irresistibly upbeat ‘Spin Me Like Your Records’

‘Spin Me Like Your Records’ is an irresistibly upbeat musical masterpiece that you can’t help but dance to.

The track begins and we are immediately immersed.  A perfect crescendo of guitar and cymbals effortlessly blurs the lines between studio and live music. We are transported to a paradise of festival nostalgia which is soon amplified by the effortless rasp of lead singer Matt O’Brien. Lyrics such as “it got cold, so you took my jacket, now don’t you forgetting about me” are perfectly relatable, harnessing the elation of summer romances and unapologetic empowerment. 

When the chorus kicks in, O’Brien’s high tenor tone permeates through any feelings of stress the listener may have. The lyrics “So if you say tonight, I’ll give you everything” are performed with the perfect blend of power and elegance. As a listener, you can really feel the harmonious marriage of indie and pop genres. 

The band talk about the meaning behind the track: 

“The main theme behind writing ‘Spin Me Like Your Records’ was to get a fun, upbeat track that we could dance around to and have as a really nice moment in our live set for festivals.” 

‘Spin Me Like Your Records’ is a punchy must for your summer playlist. 

Watch/Listen to the track here: