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Issy Packer

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Perth’s beloved misfit Peter Bibby has released his first new single since his last full length album ‘Marge‘ in 2020

The One‘ is an upbeat, indie-rock anthem, showcasing Bibby’s unique style of music. The intro and outro give the song a dystopian sense, a melody that runs throughout the track and elevates it.

There’s a sense of freedom that comes with the track, with the guitar-led melody and female backing vocals, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the track in an indie movie such as Richard Ayoade’s ‘Submarine or Greg Mottola’s ‘Adventureland.

Bibby proves that he’s not just another indie-rock artist and is one that can’t be pigeonholed. His gravelly voice is one of the most unique things about the singer-songwriter and it’s on full display in his newest single.

Accompanied by a music video shot while the artist was in LA, ‘The One‘ has a sweet taste which will keep us coming back for more.

Watch/Listen to ‘The One‘ here:

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