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Kayla Sandiford

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London/Nottingham based multi-instrumentalist Re Teu explores his pain in shades of grey with his debut single Glas

‘Glas’ means grey in Scottish and Cornish, but the term captures all colours of the water – blue, green, and pale grey. Fittingly, ‘Glas‘ plays like a wave cycle. 

The track is a thoughtful arrangement of ambient folk instrumentation and distinctively husky vocals. Re Teu opens the song inquisitively, an apparent shred of doubt. “If you go love, would I let you in?” he asks against atmospheric instrumentals, defined by a textured guitar melody and rhythmically pulsating percussion, mirroring a rolling ocean.

The instruments recede at the bridge, leaving a distant electronic sound reminiscent of a high-pitched fog signal. A languid piano melody creates space for a moment of contemplation for Re Teu, just before a break of surging percussion, searing guitar, and shimmering keys as Re Teu sings “you know I’ll call your name out”, filling the space with a wall of sound. It begins to fade out with seemingly freeform electronic elements, delving back into an ambient soundscape in a musical backwash. 

Evoking the spirit of modern folk personalities such as Bon Iver and Novo Amor, ‘Glas touches upon denial and unacceptance to deliver a cathartic introduction to Re Teu’s personal narrative. In celebration of the new release, the talented solo artist will be playing a show at The Old Blue Last on 25th July. 

Watch/Listen to ‘Glas’ here:

For Fans Of: Bon Iver, Novo Amor