Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Travis Barton

This is what 4am sounds like. The intimate, dizzy mood of post-club dark streets, the bass still running a ripple effect through your brain and the headlights on the road making your vision blurry. Saint Jude‘s latest single ‘Head Is Spinning’ draws out that coming-to-the-surface feeling in perfect, shiny-eyed detail. Give us that tired kind of bliss anytime. 

The third track to be revealed by the London producer from his upcoming EP, ‘Head Is Spinning’ is a gentle nod to those musicians who carried electronic music out of the club and brought it back to the bedroom. Echoing out of Saint Jude‘s music is Burial‘s ode to the night bus from the electronic enigma’s self-titled debut and Mount Kimbie‘s late-night sounds which lit up the tracks on ‘Crooks And Lovers’ with that characteristic comedown glow. 

‘Head Is Spinning’ is soaked in spaced out vocal samples and glistening with hi-hat hits that feel like all the sharp little inhales that were ever taken looking over the edge of a long drop. This track will give you the kind of gentle buzz that it’s impossible to hold onto. 

Sink into Saint Jude‘s latest offering:

More bedroom beats like this please.

Saint Jude‘s self-titled EP is out on October 4th via DIY label Slow Dance. Find him here: