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Anglo-Parisian four piece Sourface Write An Ode To The Sun in New Single ‘Solaire’

Anglo-Parisian four piece Sourface are bringing back the fusions of funk on their brand new singleSolaire. With a rollercoaster of synths accompanied by a lustful, cool French vocal, this song offers a sound like no other in the current indie scene. 

The track was recorded in the band’s self-made studio during last summer’s heat wave – a coincidence, I think not – and like the summer it was made, it practically oozes sunshine. 

The instrumental introduction instantly transports you to a trippy, 70’s daydream before you are soon swooning over the sultry French voice of singer Alex. It strikes you just how eclectic the instruments, sounds and synths are throughout the track, but the thing that carries it through is the keys, creating a timeless feel.  

Lyrically, the track explores the sheer power of the sun and the duality of its ability to both give and destroy life, preluding the anticipated narrative saga ‘The Eternal Summer’. The essence of this is perfectly encompassed in the line “Longue vie à l’astre solaire” meaning “long live the solar star”.

Above all, Sourface have created unwavering positivity and infectious fun throughout this song, as it slides between sounds and their high pitched backing vocals, creating a technicolor of both of their distinctive cultures. 

Listen to ‘Solaire’ here: