By Georgia Cummings

Australian born and bred, trio Swazi Gold sing about their geographical journey, from the towns of Victoria’s western coastline to the big city, in new single ‘Disco’. A track is one that grows on you with each listen.

The slacker-pop single features a build up of minimal layers of disco-beat driven percussion, groovy bassline and jangly, dream pop infused guitar riffs similar to the likes of Mac DeMarco. The lead vocal arrives low and intense, throwing you off as it falls in and out of tune, but quickly asserting its importance in the track’s casual charm. The vocal harmonies are reminiscent of Metronomy’s The Look’ and compliment the quirky vibe of the tune. The repetitive electric twang returns on top of the murmured ending lyrics as the song comes to a swift neat finish.

Listen to ‘Disco’ here:

The debut album ‘Jehovah’s Whispers’ will be available March 1st via Research Records.


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