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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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The Multi-instrumentalist from london has released their debut single ‘Take A Walk’

The AJM Show is a new project from London based multi-instrumentalist Alex Martin that fuses a real mixing pot of sounds and genres. Throughout his debut single ‘Take A Walk’, that was first conceived during the lockdowns (the third one to precise), we hear R&B, Soul, Indie, and more, all brilliantly fused together.

‘Take A Walk’ opens with a subtle jangly guitar line that creates space for Alex’ harmonious vocals that breeze towards the listener. Alex’ soft vocals continue to float across the rest of the track,bringing a sense of tranquility to the track. All the while groove infused guitars and synths float in the background, interweaving beautifully to create a song that is layered and textured masterfully. Lyrically the song is wholly relatable, even if the pandemic feels like a distant memory you can’t help but be taken back to that desperately depressing time.

As debuts go this is a strong start for the fledgling London artist. There are displays of masterful songwriting and genre-bending production. The AJM Show is an exciting prospect and one we urge to keep an eye on.

Listen to ‘Take A Walk’ here: