By Kieran Webber 

Although The Howlers sound like something that came straight out of the acid filled Mojave Desert, they are in fact from the smog filled streets of London. Their sound is a fantastic barrage of hook heavy riffs with psychedelic tendencies. It has ferocity at it’s very core and is overwhelmingly energetic. They are fast becoming one of the UK’s most sought after bands due to their fiery performances and against the grain attitude.

Their latest single ‘La Dolce Vita’ personifies their vibrant attitude perfectly, it’s hip swinging goodness decorated in a veil if Tarantino badassness. The fast paced percussion danced powerfully in the background whilst a thumping baseline drives the track forward, this is all neatly backed by husked vocals and western inspired guitar. It’s an exciting release that has us clambering for more from the band.

Speaking on the track the band have this to say:

“La Dolce Vita, is about being yourself no matter what and not letting anyone tell you otherwise, forming your own identity even at the inevitable cost of torment and persecution for the differing differences. As a band, all three of us and even the team around us had to go through that period of our lives where we were subject to abuse and torment because we started to dress differently, listen to different music and generally go against the grain. None of us would change that period in our lives, it’s so important to form your own identity and not fall into the popular culture mould because it’s the easiest way to stay under the radar and have an easy happy life. It doesn’t matter if it’s the music you listen to, the way you dress, the way you wear your hair, the things you enjoy doing or even your sexual orientation. Be who you were meant to be, F*** anybody who says otherwise.”

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