By Alex Salisbury

TIFFY, is the musical alias of SoCal born, Boston-based, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tiffany Sammy. ‘L.A. FADE’, taken from her EP, ‘Fire Sale’, is a lo-fi fuzz pop/soft-punk effort, released on the Salty Speakers label and written, composed and performed entirely by TIFFY.

Opening with a soft and pleasing lick the track progresses with interesting tempo changes, delicate jangly guitar work and effects loaded vocals that punctuate throughout this work. The drums are simple but push the whole track forward for the duration of it’s three minute length, with rapidly changing timing at the chorus.

A similar sound to artists like THICK, Cheerbleederz, or Cornwall’s own LIPS, that I have reviewed in the past, it’s a dichotomy in itself, with pleasing-to-the-ear instrumentation, yet a very dour and almost depressive vocal style and lyrical content. The happy/sad dynamic in full glorious effect.

This style of female-fronted, and in this case completely female-fuelled, music is currently filling my summertime playlists and TIFFY’s offering will be joining the aforementioned artists as soon as I finish writing this.

Listen to ‘L.A Fade’ here:

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