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Brighton based indie young guns Wild Horse share 80’s inspired new single ‘Bitter’

In the span of a few years Wild Horse have achieved what some bands fail to do so in an entire career. They’ve built a reputation as a solid live outfit, received critical acclaim from national and international press, and released 5 albums. It’s a pretty incredible feat considering they’re only just in their 20’s. Now, the band return with their latest release ‘Bitter’, a daringly infectious indie classic.

‘Bitter’ throws us into the vaporwave, 80’s infused soundscape that delves into an array of keys, guitar, and percussion. It’s not long before the sultry vocals kick in, grabbing you by the hand and taking you into the hipw-swinging world that Wild Horse operate in. As the track progresses the infusion gains momentum, building on the 80’s influence, making something that is fresh yet retrospective.

Lyrically ‘Bitter’ stands tall with heartfelt and relatable songwriting. Tackling the emotions around casual relationships and how things can get messy. Something that all of us have no doubt gone through. They write from a position of maturity, that again proves their miles ahead of their peers.

Wild Horse are certianly just that, a bunch of young bucks that are clearly incredibly hungry and are hitting the ground running. It’s an exciting project to watch grow and they’re on a real trajectory towards success. Keep your eyes firmly on these guys, they’re going places.

Listen to ‘Bitter’ here: