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Yard Act release their new single and it’s full dreamy realm of sonic irony and catchy chaos – ‘Dream Job’, where pop meets biting commentary

Yard Act, the Leeds-based quartet quietly causing a stir, have dropped their latest gem, ‘Dream Job’, ahead their upcoming album ‘Where’s My Utopia?’, slated for a March 2024 release. You might recall their meteoric rise with ‘The Overload’, which snagged a Mercury Prize nomination back in 2022. Now, with a spring tour on the horizon for the UK and EU, Yard Act is poised for a sequel that’s bound to rock your world.

‘Dream Job’ sees Yard Act teaming up with Remi Kabaka, the celebrated drummer and producer AKA Russel Hobbs from Gorillaz. The track is a witty commentary, with frontman James Smith playfully poking fun at himself, dubbing himself an “ungrateful little brat.” But beneath the humour lies a stark look at the capricious beast that is the music industry.

In a three-minute pop track, Yard Act encapsulates the rollercoaster ride of emotions that come with a career in music. The lyrics plunge into the chaos that ensues once your dreams come to fruition, leaving you questioning your purpose. ‘Dream Job’ is infectious, with a chorus that will leave even the most ardent American listener consulting Urban Dictionary – “It’s Ace! Top! Mint! Boss! Class! Sweet! Deece! Not bad!”

Yet, it’s not all glitz and glamour. The track’s dichotomy is unmistakable. While it celebrates breaking into the industry with an enthusiastic “But oh my God, it’s ace!”, it also acknowledges the hurdles and uncertainties that lie ahead for emerging artists.

The music video for ‘Dream Job’ is a feast for the senses, set against a backdrop that’s as quintessentially British as it gets – a housing estate – and quirky costumes that seem to have been picked up straight from your local fancy dress shop (I mean this in the best way).

This all too well recognised British scene is completely juxtaposed with a flash mob-esque dance troop and stylised studio lighting explanding the track’s message even further. Think four-part Brit Pop band channelling the spirit of Vince Noir and Howard Moon from ‘The Mighty Boosh’.

With an impressive 2024 tour schedule, Yard Act continues to ascend. ‘Dream Job’ is a brilliant snapshot of their journey, bursting with dreamy synths, captivating drums, sultry basslines, and electrifying riffs. Yard Act, with their unapologetic and charismatic edge, promises to be a continuing force in the music scene, setting the stage for another thrilling chapter in their story. 

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