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Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The California indie-pop outfit have finished 2019 with the beautiful ‘Grains’ EP. A collection of six tracks that show of their anthemic, pulsing and gorgeous music. It’s a dreamy adventure into the brilliant world of Little Monarch. It solidifies the band as ones to watch for 2020.

We kick things off with ‘Got Me Good’, a jangly indie track that is lead by harmonising vocals. The upbeat momentum that they create is honestly spellbinding, creating an aura of good times. This uplifting energy is felt throughout the whole EP and is a constant presence in all their music.

Even when things get a little more emotive the music is always on a high, especially within the track ‘See You’. However, it’s in the groove when Little Monarchs thrive and the track ‘For My Own Sake’ is proof of this. The heavy bass that proceeds throughout the whole song is utterly infectious. It’s a real jam that forces your body to move.

Overall the ‘Grains’ EP shows just what Little Monarch have on offer. It’s an exciting body of work that allows an insight into what they can achieve. They certianly will be a festival favourite throughout 2020.

Listen to the ‘Grains’ EP here:

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